Door Hangers - Tips & Tricks

Posted by Angie Nisbet on

Door hangers are a great marketing tool, especially for service based businesses. These nifty door hangers can really fill in a service or delivery route if used effectively. Marketing is a build up process so you will want to stay consistent with your efforts. Many of our service based customers will put a door hanger at neighbors of currently serviced locations to build up and fill in the route. You could consider to put a heading on the door hanger - "We service your neighbor and would love for you to join the family!".

It is not advised to run wild through a subdivision plastering them everywhere for the fact that a "sniper" approach seems to give a more 'quality' experience for the prospective customer and they wont feel like 'just a number'. An alternative to hitting every single door in a subdivision with door hangers is our EDDM Post Cards that are 9"x6.5" that are put in every mail box on a selected route. More information on our EDDM can be found HERE

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