Jumbo Vehicle Magnet - 24"X18" - DIY Customize

  • $35.00

Standard vehicle magnet size is 24"x12". Some owners of the larger truck and suv vehicles like to purchase larger magents that fit 24"x18". We suggest measuring before choosing the larger size.

A few vehicles are manufactured with aluminum which magnets do not cling to. Please confirm that your vehicle does not fall under this category before placing an order. Be sure to clean under magnets regularly. Custom sizes are available, simply contact us. 



1. Wash and dry the surface.

2. Apply the magnets to the vehicle, be careful not to lay them over any molding, compound curves etc. 

3. Be sure to clean and dry under the magnet(s) once a week

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to take off your magnets at car washes and between uses. Please store your magnets FLAT like on the front of a fridge. The edges of the magnet must be flush to the vehicle so that the wind resistance doesn't pull the magnet from the vehicle.

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